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Handmade leather journals with sari silk ribbon wrap. Blue, grey, and purple leather varieties.



A gorgeous leather bound book filled with the prettiest and most versatile handmade cotton rag paper.


One of the loveliest and most versatile books in all the Hypatia Collections!

Currently Available In-Person Only!

The Avalon Shop

Currently only available in-person at artisan fairs. Please view my schedule here.

Interested in purchasing an Avalon? I'm happy to help!

What Sets the Avalon Apart

Discover the allure of Hypatia Avalon journals, boasting exquisite handmade cotton rag paper that exudes timeless beauty and versatility. Each page is meticulously hand-stitched into luxurious premium leathers, available in a captivating array of stunning colors.

Small 4" x 6"

128 pages (64 sheets)

Medium 6.5" x 8"

120 pages (60 sheets)

Tan Avalon leather journal titled Sand Dollar


New Parents

Severo and Katie showing off their “cherished" Hypatia books. The grandparents-to-be gifted them each a Hypatia Avalon filled with cotton rag paper to record their journey into parenthood.

Severo and Katie

Avalon Leather Journals

Severo and Katie new parents-to-be holding their cherished Hypatia journals for the journe

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Each limited edition Avalon art journal is skillfully leather-bound and features extraordinary handmade cotton rag papers with hand-torn edges and a soft fibrous surface.

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