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Hypatia's Rose journal pages from customer Angelina, who uses this journal as a scrapbook

I bought a book from you today at the artisan fair on MV. I just wanted to send you an email saying I absolutely adore the book!

It’s so beautiful and makes me so calm and happy writing in something that stunning.

I have begun to fill it with little quotes and lines I like as well as my pressed flowers. I can't wait to fill the whole book!! which will likely happen soon :) 

- Angelina Pil

Buttonhole journal used as a wedding scrapbook

Best anniversary gift ever!!!


My husband surprised me and filled a book with 13 years of memories and photos and our wedding, travels and life, then wrote captions and love notes on each of the pages, and filled the pockets in the front and back cover with our collection of past anniversary cards to each other.


What a precious and beautiful book! 

- Stephanie R, Martha's Vineyard

Buttonhole journal being used as an anniversary gift
Watercolor pages in a Hypatia book being used

I found the most beautiful handmade books on the Island.

They are beautiful to look at, hold, and touch. You will be compelled to fill them. I could describe them but instead you should go look for yourself.


I started filling mine on the day we bought it! I think G. Braque had it only half correct. While sometimes Art disturbs and Science reassures, I find Art to reassure when Science disturbs. Perhaps they work in tandem, stretching us and making us more whole. 💕 

- Jennifer M

Hypatia hardcover Coptic book with khadi cotton rag paper

Customer photo sharing their leather journals

Severo and Katie showing off their “cherished" Hypatia books.


The grandparents-to-be gifted them each a Hypatia khadi paper leather journal to record their journey into parenthood.

Hypatia Book Arts Culinary Storyteller for the foodie or chef

I’m a chef and founder/owner of Ken’s Kitchen where you can find THE best jerky on Martha’s Vineyard! This leather beauty holds all of my secret recipes!


I bring it to every Farmer’s Market and show, it’s so beautiful and fitting with my brand. The book is filled not only with lots of archival plain page paper, but the most amazing array of Italian culinary vintage paper and handmade sheets!


I love this book almost as much as I love my jerky!

Ken Roache

Chef, Ken's Vineyard Kitchen

It was my great pleasure to receive a book gift from Hypatia Books Arts. As an historian of antiquity, its ancient form of binding makes it a haunting memory of the oldest book form, the codex, now held in my hand and carried in my pocket on walks to write and sketch. Its handmade papers and colored ribbon invite and inspire.

Karen L. King,

Harvard Divinity School,

Author of The Gospel of Mary of Magdala

Finding these journals was such a gift. Their beauty and handmade nature gives them a feeling of inspiration and warmth my tender heart needed.


After joining a grief writing support group, I was looking for something special to hold my thoughts and memories. My first Hypatia book was just the right journal. The soft leather cover, the beautiful hand made papers and colorful ribbon to wrap my journal with love make it something I cherish to hold in my hands. 


I am now on my third book, one which Cynthia customized for me.  I have bought several as gifts for friends and loved ones. Thank you Cynthia for making such extraordinary books with such artistry and care. They are true treasures! 

Linda Strohmeyer

I’m blown away and thrilled by my Button Hole stitch binding, and how quickly it arrived to me in the UK! I am utterly enchanted by your books!


How brilliant that buttonhole binding opens flat for ease of writing! I love the colors, the textures, the scent, the feel, the precision as well as the playfulness of each of them. And they are so inspiringly beautiful! You have inspired me to go forth putting together a collection of poems for a self-publishing project.


Thank you for this glorious work that has inspired and uplifted my world! 

Hillary Bee

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