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Chocolate Covered Cherry Storyteller Journal

Chocolate Covered Cherry Storyteller Journal


Size: 5.5" w x 7" h

Pages: 312 pages (156 sheets)

Cover: Leather

Tie: Leather Strap


How sweet it is! This leather journal is filled with delightful handmade lokta and batik papers, wrapped in chocolate leather with a vibrant red leather strap. 


We spend so much of our lives worrying, problem-solving, complaining, or waiting for the next thing that when a bit of sweetness arrives, we often fail to relish in it. Hand-crafted with care, this Chocolate-Covered Cherry journal invites you to capture life’s sweet moments and savor them!


Learn more about what sets the Storyteller apart here.


  • Handmade Lokta Paper

    Beautiful handmade lokta paper from Nepal is one of the primary papers used in Hypatia Storytellers. Lokta is produced using bark from the daphne shrub, a cousin to the laurel and the rhododendron.

    Lokta is very eco-friendly, as the plant regenerates quickly and is one of the few under-utilized plant resources in the world. Each lokta sheet is made by hand and celebrates its “wabi sabi” beauty. Delightful to write, paint and glue on, it is incredibly strong and flexible.

    All of the handmade pages of the Hypatia Storytellers can also be used, in addition to the archival plain page soft white paper in between each decorative sheet!

  • Natural Raw Leather

    This Storyteller is bound into a deep chocolate natural raw leather that is full of character with an aged, rustic, one-of-a-kind look and distinctive pull-up.

    Natural leather develops a rich patina over time and may darken, soften, and develop color variations.

    Each scratch, scuff, and crease tells a story, adding depth and personality to the leather’s surface.

    When desired or needed, “Leather CPR” (easily purchased through Amazon) can be massaged into the leather to restore its moisture and erase scratches.

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