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The Vineyard Storyteller Journal

The Vineyard Storyteller Journal


Size: 5.5" w x 7" h

Pages: 312 pages (156 sheets)

Cover: Leather

Tie: Sari Silk Ribbon


This leather journal is graced with the ageless beauty of exquisite Japanese Chiyogami paper, Indian cotton rag paper, and pretty Florentine prints that make each page a work of art. The pages are sturdily bound into a soft, luxurious blueberry leather, wrapped in sari silk ribbon.


Inspired by the beauty of Martha's Vineyard, this journal is the ideal companion for any writer, poet, or artist looking to record their own timeless stories.


Learn more about what sets the Storyteller apart here.

  • Japanese Chiyogami and Katazome-shi Paper

    This exceptional Japanese paper is made in a precise and laborious process of stenciling and resist dying based on traditional kimono-printing techniques using persimmon-dyed kozo as the stencils and a highly skillful process that produces striking beauty in long-lasting color and the unmistakable look of a print truly made by an adept hand.

    The color, quality, and beauty of these papers always take my breath away!

  • Florentine Papers

    Florentine papers are cherished for their exquisite beauty, intricate designs, vibrant colors, and rich jewel tones, printed on high-quality paper stock.

    These designs reflect the rich artistic heritage of Florence which now you can enjoy in a beautiful Hypatia Storyteller!


  • Natural Raw Leather

    This soft blueberry natural leather has a glovey, plump feel with a natural pebbly look. Both elegant and rustic.

    Natural leather develops a rich patina over time and may darken, soften, and develop color variations.

    Each scratch, scuff, and crease tells a story, adding depth and personality to the leather’s surface.

    When desired or needed, “Leather CPR” (easily purchased through Amazon) can be massaged into the leather to restore its moisture and erase scratches.

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