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Hypatia Book Arts on Martha's Vineyard handmade leather books

Hypatia Book Arts

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Hypatia Book Arts paper photo Martha's Vineyard
Hypatia Book Arts ribbon Martha's Vineyard

Earthly Elegance

Every collection from

Hypatia Book Arts is crafted with the finest materials, including sustainable, earth-friendly handmade papers and eco-conscious leathers and cover materials.

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Hypatia Book Arts handmade leather books

Beauty that Inspires

Carefully crafted and designed to elevate your work.

Let your creativity flow onto extraordinary papers, wrapped in hand-dyed silks and linens.

Latest on the Blog

Words that Make My Heart Sing

I just finished the Camino de Santiago, Portuguese route yesterday & this Hypatia journal was with me the whole way (220KM). The Catedral of Santiago de Compostela is behind the journal in this photo.


Thank you for creating such a sturdy, beautiful, wholesome companion.




Hypatia Book Arts coptic binding
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