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A Place to Feel Good

Vineyard summer has its own rhythm, measured in tides, sunsets and Tuesday nights Drumming on the Beach with the infamous Camp Jabberwocky – the oldest sleep-away camp for people with disabilities in America. Rick Bausman is the pied piper of this 30 year-old tradition on State beach that offers music therapy, relaxation, and joyful community.

Hypatia Book Arts and Camp Jabberwocky

All of us drummers at this free weekly event are year-round islanders who work our hardest in the summer. We may arrive looking and feeling pretty pooped, but the evening’s magic of music, Campers, salt, sand, and sunsets faithfully dissolve all the stressors and exhaustion. On the ride home every time, I feel my face almost hurting, realizing I’ve been smiling nonstop so joyfully the entire evening!

As you can see in every photo, the common denominator of our Tuesdays Drumming on the Beach = SMILES + JOY + LOVELOVELOVE

Hypatia Book Arts and Camp Jabberwocky Beach Drumming

I spy Hypatia Book Arts on the beach!

Hypatia Book Arts on the beach Martha's Vineyard

Hypatia Book Arts leather journals Martha's Vineyard
Mark musing in his Vineyard Sky Storyteller before drumming starts

Learn more about Camp Jabberwocky here.

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