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Talk to Your Paper

"Talking to paper is talking to the divine. It is talking to an ear that will understand even the most difficult things. Paper is infinitely patient. Each time you scratch on it, you trace a part of yourself, and thus part of the world, and thus part of the grammar of the universe in a huge language."

- From A Walk Between Heaven and Earth: A personal Journal on Writing and the Creative Process by Burghild Nina Holzer

Whether your talking to paper involves daily journaling, story, novel or poetry writing, sketching, painting, collaging or mind-mapping, whether it entails gluing wildflowers or cherished photos, whether savoring generational recipes, recalling a first-time adventure, whether composing your soul’s songs or notating your magical diary . . .

Hypatia Book Arts has been meticulously handcrafting unique archival books to go with you on your journeys and serve you in all you have to say or save. So! Talk to your paper! And let me help you find your perfect Hypatia book! And what an incredible selection of papers to serve you:


Thick and sturdy, soft and natural, you will end up loving this earth-friendly lokta as much as you love your favorite washed-out jeans. These pages are wonderful for writing, pasting and collaging, stamping and printing, all kinds of pens, including fountain pen, and pencils.


Rustic and exquisite, this luxurious paper blend of hemp, jute and cotton feels like a linen canvas. Acid-free and archival. A wonderful paper for handwriting, calligraphy, inkjet, water color, pastel and charcoal, and acrylics.


A beautiful handmade tree-free paper. Acid-free, print-friendly, and a gorgeous tactile experience for writing – even with fountain pen, sketching, collaging, photo album. Faber-Castell paint pens are also great on this paper.


A traditional fine art paper made to rival the more expensive European mouldmade papers. Over the decades it has gained worldwide recognition as one of the finest papers for pastel, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink and even markers. It combines hefty weight of 250 gsm, 2 deckled edges, with a smooth flawless surface that is slightly mottled to resemble vellum. Acid free and 100% cotton.


160 gsm soft white archival paper that is a perfect multi-purpose paper. Great for writing with any utensil, including fountain pen or micro tip; watercolor and acrylic; sketching. Has a smoother, more consistent surface, but still has lovely hand-torn pages.


These khadi papers are 100% cotton rag, handmade sheet by sheet. Genuine rag papers are rare, and it is the fiber length of this raw material that gives khadi rag papers their exceptional strength, durability and beauty. These papers are acid free, with neutral pH. Ideal with all painting and drawing media. For painting in oils, they can be primed with gesso or acrylic.


From all around the world, these are the astonishing plethora of papers that are artworks in themselves found throughout the Hypatia Storyteller Journals. To name a few:

  • Traditional Japanese Chiyogami & Katazome-shi in all of its ageless beauty

  • The extraordinary St. Armand milled in Canada

  • Embossed and screen-printed Thai mulberry

  • Marbled Indian cotton rag

  • Natural inclusion papers, embracing the unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature

  • Italian Florentine and vintage papers

  • Nepalese lokta in its gorgeous variety of natural dyes and screenprints

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